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    Suzhou Xun Sheng Plastic Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is an injection molding industry new enterprises. The company is located in Suzhou, Xiangcheng District, Xinhua Road Town, No. 12, close to 312 National Road, convenient transportation. The company invested 20 million yuan, with 10000 square meters of workshop.

    The company mainly produces plastic turnover boxes and baskets, containers (European logistics box), EU box, HP box, folding box, Xiecha box, instrument box, food box, plastic board, tray, and plastic electric appliance fittings. In addition, the company is also open mold, the company's products are widely used in plastics, electronics, automobiles, hardware, medicine, instruments, machinery, clothing, food, aquatic products, chemicals, beer, beverages and other industries.

    The company has a dedicated R & D department, has a professional R & D team, but also has production, sales, customer service, logistics and other perfect corporate management system.


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